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KSS extension with custom plugins

This part is adapted from the original KSS documentation, written by the KSS contributors.

KSS has a plugin architecture. Apart from the core that is parsing the .kss files and binding them to nodes, communicating with the server and executing the KSS commands, almost every component, incuding actions, events, parameter providers, selectors is designed to be pluggable.

The KSS plugin API makes it possible to create all these components and register them to KSS.

The plugin development is a seldom needed and specialized task. To be able to do it, you must be familiar with javascript and KSS.

Wrapping javascript on the client side

If we write a new plugin, first we need to create a javascript file that will contain the code for our plugin.

To start with, we need to create a javascript namespace for our new plugin:

kukit.myplugin = {};
Creating an action

An action is a javascript method that is called when the action is executed. It receives the parameters in a given form and it has to check them.

Registering your plugin on the server and shipping with your product




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