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Zope is an open source web application server primarily written in the Python programming language.

Mix unicode and non-latin1 characters in DTML

When Unicode strings are mixed with plain strings in DTML, the plain string is converted to unicode assuming that it contains latin-1 characters (see That behaviour fails on utf-8 encoded strings with a ...

Restricted URL Traversal in Zope

What is meant by *Restricted URL Traversal* is the possibility to prevent cross site access in Zope. Let's say we have the following structure: :: root | |____ Folder1 (Root for www.domain1.tld) | | | |____ index_html | | | |____ images ...

Unreliable Session Management in Zope

Zope comes with a built-in `Session Management `_. The *Browser Id Manager* identifies a particular browser based on a unique browser id which is then referenced to a session object if needed. But that browser id can be manipulated what makes `session ...

ZpCron - Cronjobs for Zope

With `ZpCron `_ you can schedule cron-like tasks on Zope. Unfortunately it has a buggy and erroneous crontab parser we have to fix. 1. At first make sure to get the `revised version `_ of ZpCron. 2. Create a file named ** within the ZpCron ...

LocalFS for Zope 2.13

About ===== **LocalFS** (Local File System) is an add-in product for the Zope web application server. It allows users to access the contents of the file system on a Zope server as if they were contained in the Zope Object Database. It has been revised ...


`ZMS `_ is a free open source CMS-solution and uses the application server `Zope `_.

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