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MAPI Extension for Webmail accounts

MAPI4Webmail is an extension for Webmail accounts (eg. GMail, Yahoo Mail,, ...) enabling real MAPI support. With MAPI4Webmail you can send emails with attachments from any application supporting MAPI (Menu "Send to > Mail recipient"). The IMAP protocol is used to create new messages in the drafts folder of your email account. Also mailto URLs can be redirected to your webmail account.


  • Makes your webmail account the default email client in Windows (mailto and MAPI)
  • Attaches entire directories
  • Creates a ZIP archive on the fly
  • Multi-user support
  • Free for personal use


  • Windows 2000 or newer
  • Email account with IMAP access


Download the Installer and follow the instructions. At the first MAPI request you will be asked for all required IMAP settings. Later you can change that data within the file settings.ini, section "IMAP Account". There you should also set the properties "Mailto Url" and "Post Command" to the required URLs of your webmail provider.


Characteristics of the free version

  • Trial period of 30 days (unlimited time for personal use)
  • A note is added to the message body
  • This website will be opened from time to time


MAPI4Webmail is basically free for personal use, but a brief note is appended to the message body. If you are bothered about that, you can still buy a personal license. In doing so the price is in your hand. Just enter the desired amount (at least 2.00 EUR) and click on "Buy".

If you use the software for commercial purposes, you have to license it regularly after 30 days at the latest. The number of required licenses depends on the number of users who can use the software at the same time. Do you want to install the software on four PCs that are used by only two persons, you have to buy two licenses. Do you have eight computers that are used by 12 employees, you need exactly eight licenses.

Personal License EUR incl. VAT
Commercial License 19.90 EUR excl. VAT

All further updates are included.

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