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MAPI4Webmail Configuration File

The default configuration file of MAPI4Webmail is named settings.ini and is located at the installation directory.

The user based configuration file can be found at %APPDATA%\MAPI4Webmail\settings.ini. It has a higher priority than the default one.

; MAPI4Webmail default configuration file

; Max. number of allowed recipients
Recipients Limit = 5
; Max. allowed number of attachments
Attachments Limit = 20
; Max. allowed size of attachments (in MB)
Attachments Limit Size = 5.0
; Min. number of attachments, processed only after request
Attachments Prompt = 10
; Min. size of attachments, processed only after request (in MB)
Attachments Prompt Size = 1.0
; Min. number of attachments, ask for packing as zip file
Attachments Pack = 5
; Min. size of attachments, ask for packing as zip file (in MB)
Attachments Pack Size = 0.5
; Add index of zip archive to message body
Attachments Pack Index = true

; Compose message URL of your webmail provider to handle mailto: links.
; If specified, mailto links will be forwarded to your webmail service.
; Available placeholders: {TO}, {CC}, {BCC}, {SUBJECT}, {BODY}, {MAILTO}
;Mailto Url ={MAILTO}
;Mailto Url ={TO}&cc={CC}&bcc={BCC}&su={SUBJECT}&body={BODY}
;Mailto Url ={TO}&cc={CC}&bcc={BCC}&subject={SUBJECT}&body={BODY}
;Mailto Url ={TO}&cc={CC}&bcc={BCC}&subject={SUBJECT}&body={BODY}
;Mailto Url ={TO}&cc={CC}&bcc={BCC}&subject={SUBJECT}&body={BODY}
;Mailto Url ={TO}&_cc={CC}&_bcc={BCC}&_subject={SUBJECT}&_body={BODY}
Mailto Url =

; Command to be executed after message creation.
; Not applied when message was created via mailto link.
; A parameter can be added by using the character "<".
; Available placeholders: {UID}, {UID-VALIDITY}, {X-GM-MSGID}, {MAILBOX}, {MAILBOX-B64}
;Post Command ={X-GM-MSGID}
;Post Command = C:\Programs\myapp.exe < parameter
Post Command =

; Not applied when message was created via mailto link.
Show Success Message = yes

[IMAP Account]
Host =
; Use port 993 for SSL
Port = 143
Username =
Password =
Drafts Folder =
; There is no standard established for filename encoding (should be RFC2231).
; Possible values are RFC2231 and RFC2047, or alternatively an encoding name.
; An encoding name results in a raw filename (empty value means system encoding).
Filename Encoding Standard =

[Field Values]
; Predefined field values
To = auto
Cc = auto
Bcc = auto
Subject = auto
Body = auto

; Set true to enable debug mode.
; Log file name is debug.txt located at %APPDATA%\MAPI4Webmail
Debug = false

File Missing = File "%s" does not exist. Continue?
Too Many Recips = Too many recipients!
Prompt To Pack = Do you want to pack all %s files (%s) into one single ZIP archive?
Zip Index = Index of attachment
Too Many Files = Too many attached files!
Files Too Large = Attached files too large!
Prompt To Create = Do you really want to send an email with %s files (%s) attached?
Progress = Progress
Connect = Connect with server %s
Login = Login user %s
Check Drafts Folder = Check drafts folder
Transfer Message = Transfer message
Logout = Logout
Host = IMAP server
Enter Host = Please enter hostname of IMAP server
Port = IMAP port
Enter Port = Please enter port of IMAP server
 (Default: 143, SSL: 993)
Username = Username
Enter Username = Please enter username
Password = Password
Enter Password = Please enter password
Save Password = Do you want to save the password?
Drafts Folder = Drafts folder
Select Drafts Folder = Please select drafts folder
Ok = OK
Cancel = Cancel
Success = Message successfully stored in folder "%s"!
Execute command = Execute stored command?

File Missing = Die Datei "%s" existiert nicht. Fortfahren?
Too Many Recips = Zu viele Empfänger!
Prompt To Pack = Möchten Sie alle %s Dateien (%s) in eine ZIP-Datei packen?
Zip Index = Inhalt des Anhangs
Too Many Files = Zuviele angehängte Dateien!
Files Too Large = Die angehängten Dateien sind zu groß!
Prompt To Create = Möchten Sie wirklich eine Email mit %s Dateien (%s) erstellen?
Progress = Fortschritt
Connect = Verbinde mit Server %s
Login = Anmeldung %s
Check Drafts Folder = Überprüfe Entwürfe-Ordner
Transfer Message = Übertrage Nachricht
Logout = Abmelden
Host = IMAP-Server
Enter Host = Bitte geben Sie die Adresse des IMAP-Servers ein
Port = IMAP-Port
Enter Port = Bitte geben Sie den Port des IMAP-Servers ein
 (Standard: 143, SSL: 993)
Username = Benutzername
Enter Username = Bitte geben Sie den Benutzernamen ein
Password = Passwort
Enter Password = Bitte geben Sie Ihr Passwort ein
Save Password = Möchten Sie das Passwort speichern?
Drafts Folder = Entwürfe Ordner
Select Drafts Folder = Bitte wählen Sie den Entwürfe-Ordner aus
Ok = OK
Cancel = Abbrechen
Success = Nachricht wurde erfolgreich im Ordner "%s" gespeichert!
Execute command = Hinterlegten Befehl ausführen?

; Thanks to Roger Noguera for the following translation (Catalan)
File Missing = L'arxiu "%s" no existeix. Vol continuar?
Too Many Recips = Massa destinataris!
Prompt To Pack = Vol comprimir tots els %s arxius e(%s) en un sol arxiu ZIP?
Zip Index = Index d'arxius adjunts
Too Many Files = Massa arxius adjunts!
Files Too Large = Els arxius adjunts son massa grans!
Prompt To Create = Realment voleu enviar un correu amb %s arxius (%s) adjunts?
Progress = Progres
Connect = Connectant amb el servidor %s
Login = Fent Login usuari %s
Check Drafts Folder = Comprobeu la carpeta esborranys
Transfer Message = Transferint missatge
Logout = Logout
Host = Servidor IMAP
Enter Host = Si us plau escriviu el nom del servidor IMAP
Port = Port IMAP
Enter Port = Port del servidor IMAP
 (Per defecte: 143, SSL: 993)
Username = Nom d'usuari
Enter Username = Si us plau introduiu el nom d'usuari
Password = Password
Enter Password = Si us plau introduiu el password
Save Password = Voleu guardar el password?
Drafts Folder = Carpeta esborranys
Select Drafts Folder = Si us plau seleccionau la carpeta esborranys
Ok = OK
Cancel = Cancelar
Success = Missatge guardat amb exit a la carpeta: "%s"!
Execute command = Executar ordre emmagatzemada?

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