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Python FinTech Documentation


The FinTech package is available for Python 2.7.9+ (up to version 6.*) and 3.4+ (except 3.5.3) on PyPI (Python Package Index). Other Python versions or platforms upon request. If you need a solution for other programming languages, have a look at the XML-RPC server.

The FinTech library depends on the following packages:

Pillow is only required if you want to scan SEPA mandates for printed barcodes which hold the mandate reference number.

Install it using pip:

pip install fintech [kontocheck] [websocket-client] [pillow]

Package registration

Before importing any submodule it is required to register the package:
import fintech
# Register an unlicensed version
# Register a licensed version
fintech.register('LICENSEE_NAME', 'KEYCODE', ['EBICS_USER_ID_1', 'EBICS_USER_ID_2', ...])
# Register a licensed version based on subscription
fintech.register('LICENSEE_NAME', 'KEYCODE')

from fintech import ...

The Python FinTech package

fintech.register(name=None, keycode=None, users=None)

Registers the FinTech package.

It is required to call this function once before any submodule can be imported. Without a valid license the functionality is restricted.

  • name – The name of the licensee.
  • keycode – The keycode of the licensed version.
  • users – The licensed EBICS user ids (Teilnehmer-IDs). It must be a string or a list of user ids. Not applicable if a license is based on subscription.
class fintech.LicenseManager(password)

The LicenseManager class

The LicenseManager is used to dynamically add or remove EBICS users to or from the list of licensed users. Please note that the usage is not enabled by default. It is activated upon request only. Users that are licensed this way are verified remotely on each restricted EBICS request. The transfered data is limited to the information which is required to uniquely identify the user.

Initializes a LicenseManager instance.

password – The assigned API password.
add_ebics_user(hostid, partnerid, userid)

Adds a new EBICS user to the license.

  • hostid – The HostID of the bank.
  • partnerid – The PartnerID (Kunden-ID).
  • userid – The UserID (Teilnehmer-ID).

Changes the password of the LicenseManager API.

password – The new password.

Returns the number of EBICS users that are currently registered.

property expiration

The expiration date of the license.

property keycode

The license keycode.

property licensee

The name of the licensee.


Returns a list of EBICS users that are currently registered (new in v6.4).

remove_ebics_user(hostid, partnerid, userid)

Removes an existing EBICS user from the license.

  • hostid – The HostID of the bank.
  • partnerid – The PartnerID (Kunden-ID).
  • userid – The UserID (Teilnehmer-ID).
property userids

The registered EBICS user ids (client-side).

exception fintech.FintechLicenseError

Exception concerning the license