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License fees

With the exception of the EBICS client all PyFinTech modules (SEPA, SWIFT, DATEV, etc.) can be used free of charge without restrictions. Therefore you only need to buy a license if you want to upload SEPA documents via EBICS with more than five transactions, to retrieve bank account statements for the last three days or to use the functionality of the distributed signature (VEU).


The license fees are based upon the number of EBICS UserIDs to be used. Each of the first two EBICS UserIDs is charged with 490.- EUR. Each additional EBICS UserID is charged with 190.- EUR. All updates are included within the first year. Subsequent updates are charged with 60% of the overall license fees or alternatively by subscription with 20% of the overall license fees yearly.

Payment- and SaaS-Provider

The license fees are charged monthly for each EBICS user. All users can be managed by a license manager without a notice period. Prices are available on request.

Please contact us by Email to order a license.

All prices are VAT exclusive.

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