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Custom RPC extension class

To apply a custom extension to the RPC service you have to create a Python script with a class named FintechRPCExtension which must be a subclass of fintech.rpc.FintechRPCService. Then pass the script path as argument --ext-file or -e:

fintech-rpc -e /path/to/my_rpc_ext.py

Now each method of FintechRPCExtension is added to the RPC service as an XML-RPC method.

Example of file my_rpc_ext.py:

from fintech import ebics, sepa
from fintech.rpc import FintechRPCService

class FintechRPCExtension(FintechRPCService):
    def add(self, val1, val2):
        return val1 + val2